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Partner Web Code

Branded Referral Link Generator

CFM uses a dedicated identifying link for existing partners, to validate and confirm transactions are correctly logged to them when used.

Our tailored link provides the necessary code to insert a branded ‘Finance from’ caption above our CFM logo, in an identifying link from your site as the referrer. This visualizes and promotes brand collaboration between CFM and its partners – for assuring recognition by both our users.

To generate your link code, enter your business’s domain name of the website address you have registered with us. If recognised, a preview and resepective code source will be shown below.

Apply for your company to be a Partner, by getting in Contact with us.

Non CFM partners can make a Consumer Application and manually fill the ‘supplier’ field, to include their company name on submissions.

We also provide a IAR Statement template for a disclaimer for your site, to clarify your association with CFM, as a registered finance broker.