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Consumer Finance – Loan Process

Step-by-step walk-through of our Consumer Finance Loan Application process, with summaries of action taken and required, for loan success.

  1. Apply

    Online form completion and submission

    Applicant visits our Consumer Finance Application page, as a result of an online search, manual input of web address or by a referral link from one of our Partners.

    Applicant complete and submit your loan application form with all necessary details – applicant receives a copy.

  2. Contact

    Eligibility checks & confirmation telephone call

    CFM receive loan application and share with selected appropriate lender on our panel, determined by the loan purpose.

    The lender reviews application to confirm their criteria is satisfied, then on behalf of CFM, they contact the applicant directly via phone, to confirm loan details and eligibility status, and following security and identity checks, loan terms.

    Important Notice: Please be available to take the Lenders telephone call, to confirm and complete your finance application.

  3. Transfer

    Loan funds transferred upon approval

    Once passed and loan agreement terms are accepted between the applicant and the lender [CFM has no further involvement in this application], a repayment contract is drawn up for signing.

    Following the completion of this, funds are transferred to the applicants provided bank account.

  4. Repayment

    Monthly amount repaid for agreed term duration

    Repayments need to be made according to the agreement the applicant now has with the lender under the contract they now have.