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2020-12-17: CBILS Update - Application window further extended to 31st March 2021, repayment period extended from 6 years to 10 years. Apply for CBILS Support.

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

2020-12-17: CBILS Update – Application window extended further, to 31st March 2021. Repayment period extended from 6 years to 10 years.

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Schemes are designed to support UK businesses losing revenue and seeing their cashflow disrupted, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Further details and latest updates to the schemes are available from the British Business Bank.

Commence your Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Schemes [CBILS] finance application with CFM, below.

    CBILS Application

    This form needs to be completed by shareholders with at least 51% shareholding of the business.

    Applicant Details

    Company Overview

    Company Type

    Is the company part of a 'Group Company' structure [controlled by the same entity]?

    Application Details

    Capital Holiday Request

    Is there bricks and mortar security available other than principal private residence?

    Please self-certify that the business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19

    Have any payment arrangements been put in place with existing lenders?

    Have you previously received any CBILS and or BBLS funding?

    Directors / Shareholders Information

    Please add details using '+' button, to list all personnel.

    Residence Status

    Shares Declaration

    Does the borrower, or any majority shareholder (or group of shareholders):

    • Hold a majority of shareholder voting rights in another entity?
    • Have the right to appoint / remove a majority of the members of the management or board of directors of another entity?
    • Have the right to exercise a dominant influence over another entity pursuant to a contract or under the other entity’s memorandum or articles of association?
    • Hold shares in another entity which allows it to control, pursuant to an agreement with other shareholders of that entity, a majority of the shareholders voting rights in that entity?

    Please complete Shares and Control capabilities of each Shareholding entity


    Proof of business status and activity are necessary to confirm CBILS elegibility. The following documents are required. Further information may be requested.


    As part of the process to underwrite your application, the funder will search the records of one or more credit reference agencies for the purposes of credit vetting and anti-money laundering. These agencies will note the fact that we have made a search and this will be visible to other companies who may view your credit file at a later date. By submitting this application, you confirm that you understand this and consent to these searches being made.