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Asset Finance

Get equipment you need, without impacting your cash position

Asset Finance is a way to fund essential items your business needs. Providing flexibility to purchase equipment required, with affordable repayments – instead of large upfront costs, which help cashflow management and efficient business growth.

The two most popular types of Asset Finance we offer are: 

  • Hire Purchase – allows outright asset ownership at end of repayment term
  • Leasing – allows latest equipment use, for a monthly fee, without ownership commitment

Refinancing existing assets, whether owned outright or are funded by another provider, is also possible.

Assets We Finance

As you would expect we can fund the different types of equipment you need. This ranges from hard assets such as commercial vehicles and construction plant to soft assets including IT hardware and office furniture. 

Hard assets – equipment with easily defined value

  • Buses / coaches
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction plant
  • Machinery
  • Cars / vans
  • Printing equipment
  • Agricultural / forestry equipment

Soft assets – equipment of limited resale value

  • Office furniture
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Audio Visual / IT hardware
  • Software
  • Factory equipment
  1. Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase

  2. Leasing